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Best NYC Coffee Shop - Black Press Coffee
Pastries an coffee - NYC - Black Press Coffee

Black Press Coffee is a specialty coffee shop with a simple mission: awesome coffee and great service. 

our coffee

The nuances that help define a great coffee are attributed to a complex chain of events that begins with the farmer and ends with the barista.  We constantly sample coffees from different farmers, providing you with a carefully curated selection from the producers who share our passion for quality.  

We partner with Parlor Coffee, our roaster in Brooklyn, to bring the best coffee that we can. Our coffee is wicked good. 

why are we called Black Press?

We derive our name from the Black Press, a group of publications, newspapers and magazines that disseminated ideas and accomplishments within underrepresented and aggrieved communities that were barred from mainstream channels of discourse such as the mainstream media. 


The Black Press played a dual role, serving as purveyors of news and information and as agents of social change.  Like the Black Press, we aim to provide a safe, inclusive and affirming environment with great coffee and amazing service. 

current coffee offerings


Wallabout is Parlor's most stalwart offering and showcases coffee’s more comforting elements. It shows flavors of milk chocolate, molasses and bittersweet cocoa.

Current components:
-50% Colombia Frontera de Acevedo
-50% Peru Sandia


Prospect carries the banner as Parlor’s signature blend. It’s distinctive floral and spiced notes are married to cocoa, grapefruit and marzipan in a sweet, bright expression.

Current components:

-50% Ethiopia Sidamo

-50% Colombia San Sebastian

colombia frontera de acevedo

Frontera de Acevedo is one of Parlor's most approachable coffee offering and is currently served on drip. It offers a welcoming, full-bodied cup laden with refined cocoa and raw sugar.

colombia la serrania (decaf)

La Serrania is an exceptional decaf offering comprised of coffees produced and processed in Huila, Colombia. This coffee is decaffeinated with a technique unique to Colombia that uses ethyl acetate which derived from Colombian-grown sugar cane. The result is a sweet and round cup which presents red fruit, cocoa and guava.

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